Trike Weight Shift Control Light Sport Aircraft Manufacturers and Sales

Who’d have ever dreamed that you’d be able to buy your very own weight-shift control trike light-sport aircraft! The aircraft themselves generally consist of one or two seats and must have a single non-turbine engine. If you’re keen to build your own aircraft, you will find there are kits available for you to do so.

There are a surprising number of models available to choose from and you can buy the LSA already built. All this means that you can set yourself free and explore the skies sooner than you think!

You can buy the ready-to-build kits, or many suppliers will have ready-made aircraft for sale. Some will even have used aircraft that you can buy to get your feet off the ground at a really great price.

You should start flight lessons before you choose an aircraft to buy. This way, your instructor can also counsel you in your search.

Trike manufactures supplying equipment to the USA

You will find that many instructors or FBO (Fixed Based Operators) will have trikes for sale. It is best to take lessons and become familiar with several trikes, before buying one.

Typically, your first lessons will be in your instructor’s trike. You should start thinking about buying a trike when you get to the point where you are going to solo.