Trike Weight Shift Control Aircraft – How Much Will It Cost?

How much does a weight-shift control light-sport trike aircraft cost?

So, you’re wondering how much does a sport trike weight-shift control light sport aircraft (LSA) cost? How long does a sport trike weight-shift control LSA last? A used undercarriage, engine, and wing can cost a minimum of about $15,000 or more. $10,000 for the engine and undercarriage and $5,000 for the wing are typical approximations. You can spend about $50,000 for an inexpensive new with a two stroke and up to $110,000 for the top of the line with all the bells and whistles. There is a large price range similar to automobiles.

How long does a sport trike LSA last?

After spending that kind of money you’re probably wondering, “How long does a sport trike LSA last?” Trikes are like automobiles, with proper care they will run for a long time. The wing can take up to about 15000 hours of sunlight before the sail must be replaced.

Two stroke engines run for about 300 to 600 hours before they need an overhaul or replacement. Four stroke Rotax 912 can run 2500 to 4500 hours before needing an overhaul or replacement. Same as cars, if you live in a humid environment, rust can require additional maintenance. This of course varies with how you use it and how you care for your undercarriage and wing. It’s easy to test your sailcloth for strength and thus determine your need to replace your trike wing sail long before it becomes unsafe. Engine maintenance is crucial to long life. The undercarriage should last indefinitely with good care.

Buying a used trike is a good option

Good used trike WSC LSA are often available for half as much though it will have a shorter life-span. In addition, because the sport is evolving rapidly, newer sport trike aircraft can have significantly better performance and behavior than older ones.

You will need expert help in determining the suitability of the used aircraft for your needs, and how airworthy it is. Good deals exist but you will need to be able to carefully evaluate what you are looking at. Equally important is how well the used aircraft was cared for. This sport trike is going to take you high into the air so you will want to be sure of its condition before you buy it.

Unless you know what you are looking at, that you should have expert help in deciding before you buy. It is easy for an expert to look over the trike because you can see all the parts except the internal condition of the engine. The engine condition of a used trike is the biggest unknown for a used trike. Some of the lesser-known brands can simply be a bad design so finding expert advice for any used trike is worth it.

Misc. expenses

Once you have your sport aircraft and have completed training your main cost is for fuel and oil. These consumables are not very expensive. A few gallons of gas and some two or four cycle oil will not break your budget.

It is highly suggested to get a ballistic parachute as an added safety feature running about $5000 which is great insurance for a trike.

You will also need a comm system with intercom and a radio for communications with other aircraft. These can add an additional $500 to $2000 to your bill. For well under $30,000 you can purchase a used trike and be the owner and pilot of your own personal and portable aircraft. Most pilots who get into the sport also purchase a two-way radio for an additional $500.