Sport Pilot Transition Training – Trike

Existing Airplane pilots transitioning to fly Light Sport Aircraft WSC Trike under sport pilot rules are recommended to obtain some level of transition training.

General Aviation (GA) pilots want to transition from flying the large and more complex airplanes to flying the light sport WSC Trike for many reasons. See Why Fly a WSC Trike

Airplane pilot want to transition to LSA airplane?

If you are an Airplane Pilot and want to transition to a Light-Sport Airplane see Transition to Airplane LSA

Any pilot who wants to add a Weight-Shift Control Trike

Curious about how to add the Weight-Shift Control Trike or PPC category to your Sport or GA Pilot certificate? This requires training by one CFI and taking a proficiency check with another CFI. Additionally, you must be current as a pilot, have a flight review in any aircraft you are qualified for within the last two years. To learn more go to Transitioning to WSC Trike Time and Cost.

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