Learn To Fly A Light Sport Airplane – How Long Will It Take?

How long will it take to become a sport pilot and learn to fly a light sport airplane? At a minimum, you may be able to solo in as little as five days. This would be training 2 or more hours per day. It all depends on your ability to learn the techniques involved in takeoff, flying and landing.

How long it takes also depends on the weather and your endurance. If you can fly three hours per day, this is about the limit for most students to be effective. How long it takes, also depends on your background. If you have other aviation training, you may progress more quickly in certain parts of your training, since there are areas in your training that may be very similar.

Industry averages say the “minimum required dual training time” (15 hours) is what typically is needed for solo in calm conditions, however, there are large variations to this rule of thumb. You should have experience flying in bumpy conditions so if it turns bumpy during your solo flight you are prepared for this. There should be no hurry to solo. Keep the instructor as long as is practical so you can have the backup if you need it. It is money well spent.

An optimum training schedule is to fly 3 to 4 days per week. This allows the learning to sink in and you will have time to do your homework/groundschool, which helps you understand the flying process.

Your first few flights will be under very controlled conditions. Your instructor will be making most decisions for you. You will gradually begin to develop your confidence and skills, as you progress in your flights. You will also begin to make more decisions about your flights yourself. By the time you finish training, you should be able to takeoff and land without assistance, as well as make most of your own decisions about flying.