Trike Sport Pilot Certification – How Much Will It Cost?

Several variables affect the cost of learning to fly a trike weight shift control light sport aircraft (LSA), including frequency of flight lessons, weather conditions, the type of sport aircraft in which you are training and its availability for scheduling, and individual aptitude.

Trike Sport Pilot Certification - How Much Will It Cost?

Some schools offer the minimum hours at $2500 to get your sport pilot license. However, this is only the minimum dual flight hours, and it typically takes more time/hours than this minimum. For this low-ball rate there is typically no ground school included. Therefore, the applicant may not be adequately trained or must provide more money to get the proper flight skills.

Additionally, this may not include the checkride, training materials, knowledge test endorsement/cost or ground school.

The cheapest advertised price may not be the best program.

Prices with fuel for modern S-LSA trikes range from $150 to $210 per hour. Typically, it should cost between $4000 to $7500 (this includes training dual training in your instructor’s trike and soloing in your own trike) to get properly trained with all the required items by a qualified school. These averages vary greatly but provide some basis to budget from.