Airplane LSA Pilot FAA Test Prep Materials

Pass two FAA tests to obtain a sport or private pilot license

  • Knowledge exam
  • Practical test
Here we will discuss preparing for the knowledge exam.

FAA knowledge exam preparation

This is referred to as the “written test” which is now a computerized multiple-choice exam taken at an FAA-approved testing center.

The FAA has developed a number of questions from specific subjects from basic aeronautical knowledge and regulations.

It is relatively easy to learn and pass because there is a bank of FAA questions you can learn and practice. If you study the questions and practice simulated sample tests you will easily pass. This test can be taken any time before the Practical Test (Checkride).

What is the best way to prepare for the FAA knowledge exam?

Preparing for the written “FAA Knowledge Test” (now computerized) can be done a number of ways. Studying can be done through a formal ground school class or using the Prepware CD. Let’s look at your options.

A formal ground school class – A class with an instructor and other students – This is great because you get to meet other students and interact with the instructor. The stories and experience of the instructor provide a great resource of knowledge. However, it is can be hard to find a class that can work with some schedules.

Ace your FAA knowledge exam with ASA Prepware for sport pilot


  • Practice the questions by section, categorize, track the sections and questions you need work on, a number of options to quicklyorganize and improve your weak areas.
  • Practice taking the test just like you do at the FAA testing center. I suggest you get a 90% on the practice test, than you are guaranteed to pass the actual test above the minimum 70% required (nobody that I know has ever failed the actual knowledge test using this technique).
  • Get an endorsement by sending in two practice tests that you scored above 80% on. You can take as many tests as you want and e mail in the results of two tests for your endorsement. This saves you the time and money of hiring an instructor to train, test and provide you the endorsement.
When you take the FAA knowledge test and pass it, you receive a certified copy of your results which is valid for 2 years as a prerequisite for the practical test (checkride).