Airplane CFI Endorsements

Useful publications, forms, and endorsement information for the certified flight instructor (CFI) and the certified flight instructor – sport (CFIS) instructing in airplane light-sport aircraft (LSA).
  • FAA Form 8710-11, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application

    This document includes FAA Form 8710-11, which must be completed any time you recommend a student for a checkride — or need to renew your flight instructor certificate. It includes the FAA’s instructions for completing the form. FAA Form 8710-11 (.pdf)

  • Proficiency Check Procedures for Obtaining Additional Category/Class Sport Pilot Privileges

    For flight instructors conduction proficiency check in accordance with 14 CFR 61.321 and 61.419. Includes definition of the difference between a proficiency check and a practical test. Proficiency Check Procedures (.pdf)

  • Sport Pilot Program Flight Instructor Duties and Responsibilities

    Outlines the duties and responsiblities of a flight instructor in the sport pilot program. CFI Duties (MS Power Point)

  • Light-Sport Certification Eligibility, Training and Testing Requirements

    Outlines the certification, eligibility, training and testing requirements of sport pilots flying light-sport aircraft. Sport Pilot Requirements (.pdf)

  • FSDO Appointed Designated Pilot Examiners

    AFS-610-F01_3-20-09 (.pdf)

  • National Examiner Board – Designated Pilot Examiner Candidate

    Application to become a light-sport standardization board-designated pilot examiner candidate. FAA 8710-12 (.pdf)