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Top 10 Reasons

  1. You'll Become a Member of an Exclusive Family Called "Pilots"

The aviation community is a relatively small but mighty group of people. It just shows how difficult and special it is to be able to call yourself a family member. Experience the joy of sharing this new world with your family and friends. You may wish to get involved in, or simply attend, some of the great events that take place within the flying community.

  1. The Sense of Accomplishment You'll Feel

Not only will you feel it, but your family and friends will feel it too. It’s like no other feeling in the world. That feeling doesn’t go away either -so get used to it!

You’re immersed in new sensations while conquering exciting challenges, continuously learning, and building confidence. You perceive yourself differently, as far as what you know you can accomplish.

  1. You'll Gain the Confidence to do Just About Anything

Learning to fly exposes you to a lot of unforeseeable situations. But, in a good way. You might be expected to talk to Air Traffic Control as well as other pilots. You’ll be tasked with making decisions about whether to fly based on the weather and factors that could affect your personal safety and the safety of others. And then at some point, your instructor will kick you loose and say “Ok, you’re ready to fly on your own.”

These types of situations would make many people want to keep their feet firmly on the ground. But not you! You’ll overcome the fears and stresses and it’ll make you feel just about invincible.

  1. Flying Allows You to See and Feel Things in a Way That Others Never Will

Words sometimes fail when describing to people what it feels like to fly your own aircraft. Some may even think you are a bit nuts, or just a touch eccentric. Both my wife and I can get on a tear when sharing the joy that flying brings to our life. Truly, there’s just no other feeling in the world.

  1. You'll Enjoy Instant Friendship with Other Pilots You Meet

When you learn that you share the common bond of aviation, it can open doors and conversations. When my wife and I get to a new town during our travels, we find the local airport. There’s most often someone there, happy to meet you and ready to have a chat about aircraft and the best place to have a meal. You see, everyone started out exactly where you will be; in a small, single engine aircraft. They may have a few more hours than you.

  1. Endless Possibilities for Adventure

Not sure who said it first, but “A mile of road can take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere.”

This is so true. You’ll be able to see the world from a point of view others may only dream of. And you’ll get there in a lot less time. Explore new places. Learning to fly frees you to explore the world – The distance? Hey, that’s your decision.

  1. Now is the Best Time to Learn to Fly

The indie filmmaker, Warren Miller, said, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” You know you’ve wanted to fly since you were a little kid. Don’t wait another day or another year. Do it today!

  1. Flying Can Get More Difficult and Expensive as Time Passes

We’re talking about time and cost. Typically the price of anything of value just keeps going up and up. Your time is valuable and gets more valuable as responsibilities pile up. Each year it gets a little bit harder to learn and recall things you’ve learned. Then there’s the price of aircraft, rental fees, and lesson fees making aviation more expensive as well. It costs quite a bit more to learn to fly now than it did in 70’s. So, get out there and do it now!

  1. Being a Pilot Can Help Your Career

Seriously! The fact that my resume states that I’m a pilot has been a huge plus…actually opening some unexpected doors through the years. Why? Because employers know that in order to get that pilot certificate takes a lot of personal sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, and commitment to finishing something decidedly complicated. You can proclaim it proudly and be recognized for it!

  1. There's Nothing Else Like It. It's Just the Best!

I know -words are starting to escape me, just as I warned you. But it truly is the best. And I don’t think you’d be here if you didn’t think so as well. So, come on, learn to fly, I’m here for you!

Why Learn To Fly?

Why Do You Want To Learn To Fly?

Knowing your goal for learning to fly will help guide you along the path to the right certificate and all the rewards that flying has to offer.

  • For Fun! Whether you want to just fly above and around your home airport or fly to a favorite destination for a long weekend, learning to fly expands your options for a whole lot of fun!
  • Go Professional! Professional pilot careers cover a broad spectrum. This is a great place to start your exploration.
  • Grow Your Business! Avoiding security lines, parking hassles, and the chaos of airline schedules are just a few of the benefits that private flying offers the busy entrepreneur. Discover the difference.

What Type Of Pilot License Is Right For You?

What do you want to do? Certificate or Rating How much does it cost? How long will it take?
Day flights in light-sport aircraft Sport $3,000 3 Months
Fly personal or business, travel in clear weather Private $7,000 4 Months
Fly personal or business, travel in clear or cloudy weather Instrument Private certificate + $3,000 6 Months
Fly higher and faster in airplanes with two engines Multi-Engine Private certificate + $3,000 3 Months
Get paid to fly Commercial $20,000 8 Months
Teach people to fly Flight Instructor Commercial certificate + $2,000 12 Months
Be an airline captain Airline Transport Pilot Could be as low as $0, if training is paid by the airline 6 Months to 4 years