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These are the key components in the ROTAX 912:

  • Integral gearbox.
  • Fuel pump mechanically driven off the gearbox.
  • Oil pump mechanically driven off engine camshaft.
  • Oil pressure sender.
  • Oil cooler.
  • Radiator for engine cylinder head coolant.
  • BING constant velocity carburetors which automatically adjust for altitude (also called constant depression).
  • ROTAX air box (optional) which allows for carb heat and external combustion air inlet.
  • External oil tank where oil is stored. Drain oil by removing bottom screw.
  • Regulator/rectifier converting engine generated AC to 14 volts DC to charge battery for aircraft 12 volt DC system.
  • Coolant recovery bottle (typically 1/3 full when cold).
  • Air shroud for additional cylinder head cooling (optional).
  • Oil cooler with fittings preferred on top.
  • Airframe air box with carb vent line properly attached to air box.
  • Battery, regulator/rectifier and starter solenoid grouped together.
  • Cabin heat exhaust muff (optional) from ram air intake.
  • Cooling expansion tank with overflow bottle mounted low (preferred to eliminate possibility of cooling fluid being siphoned out while checking).
  • Gascolator for sediment and water separation from fuel.
  • Gascolator recommended fuel filter inside engine compartment.
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